Iosil Controls provides innovative and original designs from concept through schematic design, embedded firmware and PCB layout to finished products as well as application specialties in software and hardware for science and industry.. Iosil Controls has a broad experience in embedded PIC family microprocessor based rugged, smart sensors and process control equipments.  
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     Design and Manufacturing of Sensors and Instruments for Measuring and Control Applications
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Dear equipment designer!

You are landing here because of Your healthy curiosity or perhaps You have an engine problem.
You need something special to fly and the global bush of control nerds is not really a slick runway to wheels up.
If You are searching for a simple on delay timer or a bottle counter, there is a two clicks' walk to the Google.
Just type the proper keywords.
But, if You need an aquarium display with golden fish as pixels, we are ready to work out.
You wish a real and accurate travelling temperature profile for Your tunnel owen up to 3000 grdC: we will try
to provide the solution.
Or perhaps You have an extremely little space for control simultaneously a lot of parameters: just contact us.
Unfortunately, tens of the very interesting projects, well-finished by us, all are hidden from public presentations.
Our former and present clients own all intellectual property rights inclusive on the posed technical problem.
However, The Sentron, Ltd. granted us the permission to reveal the identity of the author of their original product:
the VORTEXtor type magic ball display and the utmost attractive advertizing device: the full color crown-form graphic
display which form image in air, virtually without physical support.
We are proud to know that the author is member of our team.
All right, there is nothing like leather.
After this commercial, we are back in business. Lets set forth the most important rules:
[CONFIDENCE]:  We treat any client, any request or any proposal under the seal of confidence,
regardless of contractual or non, relations.
[SERIOUSNESS}: No unanswered mails, no communication gaps. However, we reserve the right to accept
only technical and/or commercial correspondance in coherency with our commitment of performance.
[NON-DISCLOSURE]: We will manage all our engagements under absolute liability of non-disclosure,
not only at all active time of project , but two years longer.
[FIELD OF COMPETENCY]: Hardware and software development for PIC microcontroller based applications,including:
-smart sensors
-time-function integrators (charge transport,Arrhenius etc.)
-teach-in relays
-process controllers
-signal conditioners
-network node controllers
-data harvesters
Software and external hardware development for PC based applications, written using Borland Delphi.

[LIMITATIONS}: Much as we have experience in digging for original solutions, we are not a genius.
Moreover, we are unqualified to solve perpetuum mobile type problems or those beyond the science .

We are ready to provide custom design solutions, allowing the the maximum amount of flexibility and creativity in
Your control applications.
Feel free to send us Your wishlist, questions, proposals.
Do not forget: clever questions -> smart solutions.




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